Thursday, 12 July 2007


Besides doing a slip-up, removing the last post by mistake (it's corrected now), I've done the Reservoir area and some scripting today. The image is too small to show the details but it depicts FCD3# from inside the mountain and the reservoir to the left. You problaby don't se the nice battery-powerd lantern in Amraphael's hand. But I assure you it's there.

Understanding how lights work in NWN2 isn't easy but I start to get a grip. And forcing the PC to do a hold-torch animation wasn't easy. Next I will make the scenery placeables for a couple of importent items in the game. You know things like at dam sluice control panel (downloading Gmax right now), a working elevator basket and the famous trap door. "Why", I ask, "does a DnD based game like NWN2 not have trap doors? How do you get down to the cellar and kill all those nasty rats if you don't have a trap door? Must I do everything by myself?" *-)

There are 110 rooms and 60 unique items and almost 700 reconizeable words in the original game. Imagine that! Some of the game mecanics can be implemented but other, like the "1 move per 1 time unit spent"-system or the many ways you can get stucked in the game. Not a chance. It's like book v.s. movie. I'll have to choose my goodies.

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