Tuesday, 10 July 2007

New project! ZORK I for Neverwinter Nights 2

Yes, I know, ZORK I isn't the worlds best text adventure. It isn't the most interesting game to convert to NWN2, but I've always liked Zork. It makes me feel good when I think of 1980/81 and my old C64 and all late nights we spent togheter. It was called text adventures (I think they call them iFiction nowdays) and ZORK I - The Great Underground Empire was my first experience.

When searching the web I found a conversion på NWN1 made by Chaos_Theocrat. I havn't looked at it yet but will probably do so after my conversion are finished.

So how do you tell this textbased story with lots of puzzles and almost no fighting in a graphical hack n' slash DnD 3.5 3D-enviroment? I honestly don't know but I'll begin with analyzing the original game and make lots of notes and figure out how to catch the feeling and use NWN2 to present a different game than your usual NWN2-mod.

Read more about ZORK I - The Great Underground Empire here.

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