Thursday, 5 May 2011

NWN2 Hall of Fame inductee : ZORK - RtGUE

"The community has created some very cool content for NWN2 and now it's time to honor more inductees into the NWN2 Hall of Fame for the month of May 2011 as decided by the community. Congrats to all the authors on their awards!"

I'm sort of honored but, I have to admit that if they had not changed the base rule from 5000 downloads to 2500 , ZRtGUE would never had hit the wall at all.

I'm in good company because one of my favorites also moves to the HoF:
Trinity by E.C.Patterson and Gaming Parents Studios

It's a bit sad to see my work vanish from the Top NWN2 Modules list on the front page of NWN Vault,which was a damn good advertising spot for my small niche module.

Thanks for reading


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...


Well deserved.


Mr. Nixon said...


I've seen your works with Granny for NWN2... Nice!

Would you be interested in joining our Fallout D20 Team (PW in Fallout settings for NWN2)?

Or Could you share Expotron (for whick version of Max?) with us?

E.C.Patterson said...

Congratulations my friend! It's appropriate that such an innovative mod has entered the HoF.

Amraphael said...

Thanks guys. I seldom visit this blog anymore so I missed your comments.

@E.C.P: I don't know if appropriate is the right word :) Maybe amazing or interesting or nice-but-odd. I never really believed I'd get as much 100 downloads.

@Mr Nixon:
It's very tempting but I don't really have the time. If I had the time then my gladiator team management module would get some attention. :)

I believe you can find the expotron plug here:

But this site has some more goodies and documentation:

If you need to contact me you find me on my other blog:

Unknown said...

Congrats. We have some pretty fun zork maps over here:

Jimmy said...

Thanks for the nice update! Keep it cool. :)

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