Thursday, 12 July 2007


I'm thinking loud here. In the original game you could type "cut the rope with the knife" if you wanted to cut off a rope. In NWN2 I could start a conversation when I click on the rope placeable or item with the choice to "Cut the rope." if you have the knife in your inventory or "You can cut off the rope if you have something sharp." if you don't have it.

But is that the way to handle it? I think it's giving away to much and it will make the game feel more simple than it could feel.

I could give the knife UniquePower and when you use the knife on the rope placeable you simply get a FloatingTextString saying "You have succefully cut the rope into two pieces!"

I'll have to think about that one but the most important thing is to be coherent in the game.

One more thing. Don't pick on me for lacking good written english, please! I'm old, tired, dyslectic and even worse - from Sweden.


Berliad said...


This looks like a great project, and I've subscribed to your blog in bloglines so I can keep track of your postings. ;)

As for the dilemma, I think either works fine. But I also prefer the solution of putting the unique action on the scissors. Somehow that seems more immersive.

Amraphael said...

Hi, I saw that you made I a link to me from your blog. Thank you!

Derek Morgan said...

you could also have it listen for "shouts" and have the player type "cut the rope". A similar thing was used in a NWN1 module for answering a riddle....the character had to actually say the answer outside of a dialogue, so no multiple choice options were present. I wish I could remember which module it was.