Saturday, 14 July 2007

Last night I made lots and lots of paintings with inspiration from the Zork-universe. Each of them has a description of the historic event or person. I know it's a silly and totally unnecessary detail, but it was sheer fun all the way! Here Amraphael (wich is the name of all my test-characters) takes a close look at a map over Southern Quendor.

I did some usefull things too. Like trying to make a coal slide and a mirror wall and it looks promising. I need to find a way to make surfaces reflect light and objects, so I'll keep experimenting. I also did a long list over all the areas I've made and the thing that are left to do in them. I can promise it's a really long list.


Ernie Noa said...

Sounds like your making good progress. Good luck!

Amraphael said...

Thank you! Yes, I'm really productive right now so I'm trying to do so much I can before I get stuck on something for days. I'm thinking of a certain rubber lifeboat. I'm quite sure of that Obsidian did not include such placeable in the toolset :-)