Saturday, 14 July 2007


I can't say anything else. Wow, the toolset is so powerfull. The NWN1 toolset was easy to learn and this one is a bit harder to get into. But after a couple of hours I'm hooked. The handling of scripts in conversations are just great. I can really lose myself in it for hours and hours. Not to mention the Visual Effects Editor. Ok, I'm using ver 1.05 but I can't understand why so many at the NWN2-forums complain over all and everything. I would be happy and proud if I had a Obsidian t-shirt. If there's to little custom content - make some by yourself. If there's no modules to play - make one. Spoiled kiddes :)

BTW - me and my wife are after 7 ½ months almost done playing the OC in co-op multiplayer. Maybe 4 crashes, no lost data and never a problem with performance. I'm I just lucky or do some ancient god protect nice people?

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