Thursday, 7 February 2008

Oh my... What have I done?

I wasn't satisfied with my gigant forest area. Too ugly and aso large that it would make the average PC go down on the knees. So i took the big butcher knife and started the disjoint feast. :) A really ugly job and the result? Worthless.

Late that night I created 7(!) smaller areas and I suddenly realise how much work that it will take to make them feel like different parts of the same forest. The morning after I got the next shock. If you take a 32 x 32 area and makes it into seven 8 x 8 it doesn't mean that you goes down from 1024 squares to 448 and the mod gets smaller. No, no...
It gets B I G G E R! Before it was 223 MB now it's 377 MB and I haven't even started to put out the placeables yet :)

Todays weight check:
Module: 377 263 kB
HAK Pack: 107 334 kB
Music: 37 121 kB


McValdemar said...

this comment is not related to today's post but to your project... simply AMAZING!
I'm in love with Zork universe from more that 10 years and I'm so excited when I recently discovered your work.
I'm trying to spread a bit a word on it on my site in the news, images gallery and links ( and I'll like to introduce it to italian gamers as I tend a VG network (,,,
I'll surely get in touch with ya with a little more free time, meanwhile again COMPLIMENTS!!!!

Amraphael said...

Thank you sir! I'll link to your site in a post this week!