Saturday, 9 February 2008

McValdemar was kind enough to make comment here and point all of us Zork-fans in the direction of his site. If you are just sligthly interested in the world of the Flatheads head over to him at and dive into his Zork stuff. I found a few things I haven't seen in a while there.

Comment: "Hi,
this comment is not related to today's post but to your project... simply AMAZING!
I'm in love with Zork universe from more that 10 years and I'm so excited when I recently discovered your work.
I'm trying to spread a bit a word on it on my site in the news, images gallery and links ( and I'll like to introduce it to italian gamers as I tend a VG network (,,,
I'll surely get in touch with ya with a little more free time, meanwhile again COMPLIMENTS!!!!"

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