Saturday, 17 May 2008

Mitigating circumstance?

I remember someone (maybe Ernie Noa) being envious of my mod-building workplace. Well, no need for that anymore :) My home office is in pieces so even if this is an off topic post it has some relevance to it. As you see it isn't a place where you sit in peace, being creative and build fantastic things now-days. I have found a temporary workplace in another room but it isn't a really good place. To give you a hint of the chaos I took this picture this morning. It's after I cleaned up all the garbage. I found this silvery "anti-alien radio wave protection" when I removed the inner ceiling. Strange stuff that don't belong there. You also see the moldy spot on the wall, previously covered by a white-board. The former owner had no idea of the consequences from using non-breathing materials.

OK, back to the toolset. Todays goal: Make the Coal Mines more interesting to look at and fix 5 bugs.

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Ernie Noa said...

I did like the workspace photo you shared earlier. I also recall one looked out into your backyard, a dining area looking out onto snow that was quite nice.

Sorry the temp area isn't quite as nice, but you should ONLY be looking at the computer monitor with laser like focus as you build Zork. No needs for distractions!

You've mentioned work from time to time. Sounds like you manage programmers perhaps?

Once upon a time I ran a software department. Typically I had 7 or 8 but at one point I had 13 people I was keeping track off. Now I run the IT department and manage one. I work on the network, do a lot of database and programming. People management is great but I like getting my hands dirty.

I hope you enjoy your work!

Merecraft said...

Looks like you've got some building to do in the real world too judging by that photo! Hopefully you'll be back in your proper workplace soon.

Amraphael said...

Yes I work in the IT business, as a pointy haired ( CEO. We are a pretty hardcore development company building large solutions to transfer and manage information that are high security classed. So we have lots of programmers building in Delphi, C# and The don't appreciate when I want to join them coding all the cool stuff. And they are right, I may have been a semi-good programmer once but now I have become one of the paper guys doing the soft things with customers and such. Still I love to sneak away from the suit-guys and take my morning sandwich and coffee and chat about bits and bytes with them every morning I'm in the office.

Amraphael said...

Yes, my office would be fixed long ago if I only could find the bake button in my real life toolset.

Wyrin said...

heh, it does look a bit like you're trying to stop alien transmissions from interfering with your mod ;)