Saturday, 24 May 2008

Poll result

Well, what do this non-scientific poll tell us? Maybe that custom content are boring or hard to work with and that socializing with other NWN2 users are less fun than designing areas. ;) I don't got a clue, but polls are always fun and I can't resist answering every single one I stumble over. What I know is that Area Design and Scripting are my favorite NWN2 activities, then comes playing the game. Right now I'm trying out Wyrins Dark Avenger chapter 2, so far it's a blast and the final release will almost certain hit the top list.

/The Pollaholic

I really love this thing called G_o-o_gle Charts. Wonder why I didn't found out about it earlier.

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Wyrin said...

THanks for playing ! I hope to have a near final version up later, with much of the content I'd not yet put in or just forgot - there's like 5 scripts I wrote, but never attached to anything !

Although part of me does want top tell you to stop playing and get on with Zork! ;)