Friday, 23 May 2008

Short update

Debugging isn't one of the most inspiring things you can do on a Friday. But knowing that I've been putting 28 of them to rest eases the pain. Some of them were really hard to fix like the rising water and drowning script I've told you about a long time ago. Besides that I managed to test out some tricks the increase the performance in my forest areas and experiment with the Day/Night settings for them too. It's easy to fall in love with the bloom effect but I'll try to stay sane.

Tomorrow I'll get into putting in the music at the right places and shooting new high-resolution screen shots for the load screens.

1 comment:

Indira Lightfoot said...

Hi Nihlar! You seem so wonderfully systematic and committed! :) I envy you greatly for that!

P.S. Btw, I didn't like that bug report on your water-rising script, as I have a small spot in me mod that is using your neat script just in they way you had done! If you have the time sometimes soonish please share what kind of bug you discovered and what your new updated scripting solution looks like!

MTIA! :)