Monday, 7 July 2008

Release date

No one has commented on that yet, maybe it's because the visitor rate on this blog has dropped like a iron golem on a unicycle. It's expected because it's been more that a year now since I announced this module, and I've been pretty silent on the NWN2Forums. I never planned that it would take so long time. My first secret release date was November 1 2007, then I made a half public announcement about this spring. Now my realistic idea of a date is November 1, 2008 and there's a pretty green/white count down box in the top of the right panel.

The module is about 90% finished now. It's still very many small things left to do and then it's the never ending play tests. The last one was very successful and was the 68th in the long row. Now I'm trying to fix-up some uglies, tuning the areas. It's going fine at the moment and I have finished my cursed rubber boat cutscene.

But still, it's summer. I want to enjoy those short moments of sun. In Sweden we use to say "The Swedish summer is the most beautiful day of the year." Work has been hellish and it's hard to flush it out of the head and turn into that creative mod building mood. Then I want to wait for NWN2 XP2 - Storm of Zehir to see what it brings (it may be out by then). I don't think I'll make it mandatory for playing but it may affect my custom content (as the 1.13 patch).

As always, thanks for reading


Stefano said...

I guess is only due to the fact that we're getting close to vacations and people use less the PC.

I'm still very interested in your module, and I try to promote at my best on and to all the guys at my forum (


Wyrin said...

I've wondered about the community quietening off recently too...

I saw the countdown and blanked it out as I thought it was an advert for something :p.

I'm thinking about a mini-break to offer help to other builders (testing or whatever) so if you want a clean pair of eyes to playtest, let me know!

Starwars said...

I also think it's people taking a break of relaxing a bit now during the summer that it's slowed down. It wasn't to long ago when seemingly everyone was posting about modules and updates and whatnot. Think we'll see those "dips" occasionally, and then another upswing.Looking forward to playing this.

And Swedish Summers are often disappointing, but when you do get one of those summerdays, it's really beautiful.

It's been bad weather here today, but it cleared up when evening came. I took a bicyle ride down to the beach and sat there for a while watching the sun go down. One of those moments when you're glad to be alive for sure. :)

Elf des coquillages said...

Yay, a release date! (makes two today with Misery Stone)

And no worries, we're still visiting, reading and commenting. The current quietening is just a summer hiccup (hopefully).

Jclef said...

Hell yeah - I am very excited to see this. Nice counter as well.

I actually read your post first, and then added a release date to MS. Now we've got:

Sept = PS: Purgatorio
Oct = Misery Stone
Nov = ZORK!

I admit - having not played the original ZORK, I'm VERY much looking forward to your graphical representation!

I mean, let's face it - your little posts about this and that have been quite amazing, so I bet actually playing the mod is going to be...insane!

E.C.Patterson said...

Sounds like you've set yourself a realistic deadline. I look forward to November. Good luck with the polishing.

Amraphael said...

Thanks for the support guys!

@Wyrin, that would be great. I certainly need help when it comes closer to release.

it sound that you know how to enjoy it. I might try it out by myself :)

@stefano, I really like your site and I'll put up a link to it.

You evil man, if you release MS I have to play it and then I have to push forward the release date even more :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just an old school rpg'er who stops by time to time to see how it's going. I love Zork. I used to play it on my apple 2 waaay back when.

Thanks for all your hard work. I will definitely be here when you release this masterpiece.


AmstradHero said...

Great to hear you've got a release date set! Hope that everything runs smoothly from here on in and that any bugs are dutifully found, hunted and obliterated like the squishy beasts they are! said...

I'm sure there's lots of people (like me) that are keeping an eye on this module and just lurking! We're here! We're excited! and we're extremely excited to see a release date! I can't wait to finally play this being a HUGE Zork fan back in the day.

I remember sitting in my room with 3 of my closest friends, cooperatively making maps and finding our way through the GUE while trying to avoid the thief and getting eaten by a Grue!

If I can do anything to help you get this out faster, let me know~!