Sunday, 13 July 2008

Scary moments. Updating from 1.10 to 1.12

For quite some time I've stayed at 1.10.1116 English, but today I have decided to take the leap up to 1.12.1295 English, mainly because I need to run Grinning Fools Creature Plug . It's scary...

Upgrade done, without errors.

[Edit 1]
The toolset seems to load fine except for all my plugins that are for the older version. I will download newer versions from the vault then start to fix the .2da's so there's no collisions. It's still scary.

[Edit 2]
After editing thirteen .2da's with sweaty fingers I'm up and running. The toolset load the module and the game loads it too. No strange stuff yet, except that everything seem to run smother. But it might me just me going into post traumatic stress. Enough fun now, back to work!


Indira Lightfoot said...

Hehe, Amraphael! I did the same leap, from 1.10 to 1.12 at the end of May, and it was a bomb-disarming experience for me too. Luckily, I had no hickups from that upgrading process. However, 1.13 will probably give us no 2da-file updating headaches to tremble through, LOL!

Amraphael said...

Haha, you wish :) Lucky no .13 surely will eat our 2da-guts out. I'll wait a long time before updating to it. (well if the have fixed the custom loot bags and the selectable load screens I'll do it.) Otherwise I stay for a while now that the Creature plugin works for me.

Wyrin said...


I'm still the stubborn old man living in the past with 1.10! You kids and your new-fangled ways! Get off my lawn!

Ernie Noa said...

I'm glad that worked out for you. Back everything up and charge ahead with reckless abandon!

Jclef said...

I'm a risk taker - I upgraded soon after the patch was released!

I like that GUI of yours (toolset)! Is that from the Vault?

Amraphael said...

The GUI is a part of The Grinning Fool's Usability Tools Plugin. The resource browser is invaluable.

E.C.Patterson said...

I regard 1.10 as the TS sweet-spot thus far. I stayed there until I had to update to play that one time on the Dawn of Time PW. True to form, 1.12 introduced a whole new bunch of... quirks, but nothing that breaks anything AFAICT. It's 1.12 that reorganized the properties tab, right? THAT was just plain silly.

Elf des coquillages said...

Wow, that was one risky move, I mean, two whole patches at once? ^_^

For my part I usually wait for about a week or so to see if the amount of complaints on the forums reaches an alarming threshold, if there seem to be any actual show-stopper bugs and / or if a patch fix is scheduled. But all in all I have to quickly upgrade, in order to provide a new nssclc version compatible with the latest NWN2 release. Maybe I'll set up a separated NWN2 environment on a virtual hard drive if this becomes more of a problem.

On an completely unrelated topic: have you read Adam Miller's 'fairy tale' post on his blog? Text adventure is the new hype!

Anonymous said...


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