Friday, 31 October 2008

It's alive! The NWN2 Halloween 2008 module is up

It's here. And everyone should know what I mean. Please hurry and download your own personal copy of the NWN2 Community Halloween 2008 module. I can tell you it's awesome. Not because of my little contribution but because it's... *speechless pause* ...just awesome, funny, different, creepy and cool!

In a few weeks 25 developers has build more than 20 unique modules in the spirit of Halloween. That's huge. That's fun. That's the coolest NWN2 event ever! All thanks to BouncyRock Entertainment and their great initiative.

So play and have fun. Don't forget to vote. But most of it all, have a jolly good Halloween!


Cast of Module-builders
  • ActorOfVeil
  • Adam Miller
  • Anduraga
  • Amraphael
  • AmstradHero
  • Berra
  • BlackRain Software
  • Chaos Wielder
  • DirtyWick
  • Eat2surf
  • Eguintir Eligard
  • Elysius
  • Enoa4
  • Gaming Parents Studios
  • JasonNH
  • Jclef
  • Jonny Ree & Liso
  • MokahTGS & Jaesun
  • Mooncalf
  • Raith Veldrin
  • Shaughn78
  • Skunkeen
  • Tiberius209
  • Vendalus
  • Wyrin D'njargo


Wyrin said...

sorry i killed your avatar..! ;)

as I said on my blog - if this is a taster of Zork, I'm looking forward to it even more!

Amraphael said...

That's okay because then you didn't get the nice Jack O Exploding-CrossModuleUsable-Lantern for being nice to me. Hopefully my wife stabbed you in the butt, friend! :)))

Ernie Noa said...

* spoilers ahead *


I can't believe you poisoned me. And here I thought you were a nice guy.

Good luck with your modding efforts and thanks for the fun contribution to the Halloween mod.