Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day Zero. Overdue release.

The frequently visitor already got the message but here's a official announcement - sort of :)

Today is Day Zero - the day the Zork was predicted to be released and... it isn't. The Halloween project stole some time. But it was worth it. My contribution was small and simple but relaxing to build. Work stole a whole lot more time. Big things are happening on that front, both good and bad. It will continue to eat my time for a while. Next week I'm going to Denmark. I'll take my toolset with me now that my laptop can run it. But I suspect that the evenings and nights will be filled with work-related things.

So, the big question. When will this module be released? The answer is: As soon as possible. The release-o-meter to the left of this page will keep on ticking, reminding me of that you never should promise a release date :)

Here's two in-toolset screen shots of the animated trapdoor I've made for the Living Room in the White House and I also used it in *small spoiler* my secret laboratory in the Halloween module. It has a second placeable that is a hatch that can be placed in the roof of the room below the trapdoor. Not much to fuzz about but I'll put them in a pack and upload them to the NWVault if anyone should be interested.

So that's all for today. Now I'll fix me some lunch and then plunge into the scripting of turn-based Combat Conversations.

By the way. It started to snow yesterday night. Dark times are coming...



E.C.Patterson said...

I haven't seen many people stick to their release dates (me included!) so that's realy no biggie!

Yes, by all means release the trapdoor! I'd use it in Trinity. I'd also use your rainbow walkmesh (scaled down) if you'd ever like to share that. IIRC you also had some planks of wood. Those would be nice too. Oh, and the lantern VFX. Heck, all custom content you've made should be released eventually IMO.

PJH said...

I'm Zorkified!

Shaughn said...

No worries about the release date, I still have no clue when I will even near a release point.

The trap door looks great, once it is released I will add it to the rest of your custom content that I am using. Up until now I been toying with using scaled and sunken chest as trap doors.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

As you say, you did warn us about the release date earlier anyway, so some of us knew this would be the case. ;)

And like the others who commented here, you have a whole load of custom content I am patiently waiting to get my hands on ... as much to see how you might have done it as to use it. :)

Really looking forward to this. Keep it up. :)

Liso said...


Not released on time? I am destroyed!
ok ok. enough of my ridiculous drama. We will wait patiently to play your module! And we will love it! :)

And besides, your module submission to the Halloween project was for a good cause. Some sort of cause anyway. It was great to see so many module builders come together!