Sunday, 7 December 2008

Got a few modding hours this Sunday

It was great to get away from work related stuff this weekend and I got a few hours of good modding. I solved some of the remaining combat scripts but eventually got stuck on two things. I will sleep on those and probably solve them later next week.

1) It seems that the when disabling a NPC's automatic dialog facing with SetOrientOnDialog(oNPC, FALSE) the NPC actually turns around as a compass needle towards the last speaking PC *after* the conversation ends. It looks pretty fun but it's not what I want to have. I can't remember having a problem with it pre 1.13.

2) When copying lines in a conversation the user defined camera fails to function anymore. No matter of what camera mode I chose the random one is used.

Now my wife and I will continue our MotB session. I'd almost forgot how fun it is to play :)

Thanks for reading


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

I had a few issues with camera placements during conversations too - even before the patch. For some strange reason, sometimes the camera angle would work and at other times it did something completely random. :(

I found that removing all the camera functions on the nodes and restarting the toolset before placing them again did solve the issue sometimes. I cannot say I know exactly why they did or did not work though.


Amraphael said...

Thanks Lance, I'll try that.