Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Last beta under test

Today I made version 0.98 available for the test group. It's the end of test phase 3 and hopefully the last release before making the 1.0 available for the masses at the Vault. During the test period to come I'll work a bit on the remaining low-priority issues and a bit on the documentation. Both are pretty boring but I'll try to pick myself together and just do it. Making a advertising trailer movie will be more fun so I use that as a reward for myself being a good boy eating the oat porridge first. *Yeuech!*

Don't remember if I told you that I've lured an old friend into playing NWN2 with my wife and another friend of us. Were playing the OC and I find myself having lots of fun. It may have something to do with my really bad memory because I can't remember the story at all. We are playing on the highest difficulty and with an AI-modification added and it's pretty hard to beat the baddies. And I'm really enjoy having Neeshka and Khelgar with us all the time. I think Neeshka is really enjoyable and we should probably get along well in real life. Strange, last time I played the OC I found her so annoying. Love at second sight, maybe :)
Our play style is just like when the four of us played Icewind Dale. We are confused, disagrees on if we should be good or bad ending up chaotic and lost without andy gold and get us killed by stupidity all the time. "Where's my sword? I had it in my hand, who stole it?", "Who's got a key for this door? Noone? Oh... hey I had it all the time", "BS,my Wizard is an expert on finding traps." *KabaBoOm!*


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