Monday, 8 June 2009

Low interest in new modules?

About a week ago I posted an invitation to test out the finished module before uploading it to the NWVault to get a pure players perspective and do some last QA. This invitation was posted in the NWN2Forums/Module-thread.
- Two persons did reply in the thread. But not as potential testers
- No one so far has showed interest or PM:ed me
First I thought that the interest for this particular module was low. It may be the fact, but when looking around it seems that the overall interest for new stuff is kind of lame. Not even the supposed community blockbuster modules draw that much attention.

Just an observation. It doesn't really matter in the long run.



Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

I think the momentum for anything NWN has probably started to slow down and all that will remain in the future will be a few die-hard fans of the game ... me included. ;)

As long as there are fans of the D&D mechanics though, NWN should survive in one format or another. Other than that, I just hope it is because the summer has drawn all the pale-pasted modders outside. ;)

I think I am too far gone to face the sun .... or maybe, then again ... but I will keep going all the while I can. ;)


Jclef said...

I bet if you reposted in the General Forums area, you'd get some replies.

But yeah, interest for NWN2 modules is definitely dwindling to the hardcore fan-base, but that's who we're really making these for, isn't it? The people with a true passion for the game? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go for the NWN2 general forums--the module/builders section might as well be the plague if you're looking for players.

Amraphael said...

You're probably right. The general forum would attract more players and increase the chance.

Venture said...

I do worry that NWN/NWN2 may be petering out, except for the diehards. Neverwinter Connections is a ghost town nowadays, at least compared to its former self, when each day was filled with many multiplayer game openings.

McGnome said...

Send me a PM on the forums with a link to your post. I will post in the thread. The Dev tag gets applied and then that thread will get picked up by NWVault and other game news sites.

Rob McGinnis