Saturday, 6 June 2009

Yet another Dragon age post

It seems that Bioware's upcoming RPG, Dragon Age is on everyones lips. Especially withing the NWN community. So I'd like to share my not so deep thought about it.

First of all, I have the deepest respect and trust in the guys at Bioware, they have been delivering quality releases for ages and seem to have a really good understanding in what we, the gamers, want. Sometimes before we knew we wanted it. Every since I first learned about DA I've been reluctant about it. I can't point out exactly why. It's something about the setting, not using a well know ruleset, and the lack of BG-style, co-op multiplayer. Now when the release comes closer and I read the forums, follow the rumors and DA-site almost every day I've started to feel a bit, friendlier to it. The first thing is the same that also seem to be somewhat controversial - the Violence and Lust part. (and I don't mean some kind of criminal kinky smackup-porno-stuff) I recognize that the game aims at a more grown up group of customers and I like that. There's a lot of blood and gore in the trailers. Pretty cool actually

I've seem a couple of posts that claims that the the poster knew it all the time. Roleplayers are bloodthirsty demon possessed satanists that love Marilyn Manson. And of course they are correct. An anagram for Dragon Age is Aged Groan which, as everybody know, the sound of the devil. And if you do some mathematical stuff with octal and pental numbers the result will end up 666. We have to burn those people that plays those evil games, every singe one. An the games with them. Witches!!!

I think I lost my point here somewhere... Yeah. I have changed my mind. I think I'll like this game. The few in-game clips looks nice enough, the rule set seems familiar enough, targeting an older customer group than lower teens. The story presented so far seems interesting and the few possible combinations races and classes don't bother me so much as I'm easy to satisfy.

The toolset with the presented concept with as a understand it, pre-made areas does not make me jump crazy. I love the NWN2-toolset too much :) But then I may force the players to work on the story instead of the never ending area editing that I enjoy.

Will I buy the game? Of course! I can't find any better excuse to buy myself a +B0+360 console.

What's new on Zork then?
  • Bug fixing
  • Implemented some additional hints hidden in the game. (Thanks for the idea, Lance)
  • Tried to find some more testers at NWN2Forums - No luck at all
  • Fixed a Help and Support forum for players that will get stuck
  • Finished the embedded Help system
  • Have to release asap. Will hate this module and banish it to Hades if we don't separate from each other soon.
Thanks for reading


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...


I'm glad I helped with an idea. :)

I think the main reason for my own less enthusiastic feelings for DA is the lack of Co-op support. I really enjoy MP games when two or more players play as a team.

By the way, why get DA for a console rather than for the PC? Just curious.


Amraphael said...

I also love the MP-games and that's a drawback. Maybe the first expansion could give us some cooperative play.

About the XB0XThreeSixty: I want one, and they are pretty cheap, but I have not really found the game to motivate me. Of course I could play DA on my PC. It just would be nice to sit in the sofa and play it on a big screen.

Lame excuse, I know.