Thursday, 30 July 2009

If you were looking for Amraphael...


I'd say this wraps it up. ZORK is released and this blog has done the most of it's work. I started it almost 48 months ago with this naive post and now I end it with another one :) The main cause was to go public to force myself to push through when building the module wasn't all fun and joy. Public failure is too shameful - and it worked. And today I had my 100 first downloads. After just two days! I'd never though I would reach hundred ever.

So now I move on to another blog and if you were looking for me, it's at Amraphaels House of Curious Things where you'll find me and were I'll continue my thoughts on NWN2, CRPG's and of course module building. And the naive part... I may already have started fiddling with a new project...

If you're looking for ZORK – Rediscovering the Great Underground Empire then click the link to get the latest version.

If you're looking for help on playing the above module or have found a bug, head over to

I'll return to this blog when I have ZORK-related news and for reference, and it stays up as long as G0-0gle allows it to. But otherwise it'll be pretty dead around here.

Thank you every single one who has read, commented regular or spontaneous.



Ernie Noa said...

Nice job finishing and releasing this mod. You have certainly poured a lot of your heart and soul into it's creation. I have not played NWN2 in over 10 months, but I might just be pulling off the shelf to check this out.

Great job!

Amraphael said...

Thanks Ernie!
At least you should re-install NWN2 for playing Expansion 2 Storm of Zehir if not ZORK.

You have been a great inspiration for me during the project and I've enjoyed our short conversations.

E.C.Patterson said...

Congratulations on the release!! I bet pressing that submit button on the Vault was exhilirating, and maybe a little scary as well ! Very happy to hear you`ll still be playing around with the TS. Look forward to hearing what`s next for you. Sad to see this blog go, but I`ll just meet you on the other side. Will bookmark the new site shortly.

vendalus said...

Congrats on the release!