Monday, 27 July 2009

Packed and ready to go!

Hello sailors!

The 1.00 version of Zork is compiled into a self-installing executable. The Walkthrough is updated and I have asked the site managers of NWVault for a FTP access so I can upload the module. Now I only hope that everything is fitted together correctly and that I don't have to make too many patches.

I have also put up a NWN2ZORK-forum for players in need of help, hints and for reporting bugs and issues.

Finally, I want to thank everybody for the support and help you have given me over the last two years by showing this little, 80's classic style, end-game loadscreen.
After the release, my though further Neverwinter Nights activities will occur at Amraphael's House of Curious Things. Welcome to visit me there!

Thank you for reading, as always. I'll be back when the mod. is up!



Frank Perez said...

I can hardly wait to try your module. I'm pleasantly surprised to find my name under "Help, support and inspiration," but I guess my best way to support your effort is to download NWN2 Zork and play it. :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers! I look forward to giving it a whirl.

Nacaal said...

Congratulations for the release! I will play it asap!

Jclef said...

Congratulations, Amraphael - I really mean it!

Wyrin said...

huge congratulations!

Amraphael said...

@Frank Perez,
your site and comments has inspired me when it has been hard to keep going. And the custom content posts are really great!

@Chaos Wielder

glad to hear. Thanks a lot!

Thank you sir! I know that you mean that and I really appreciate that.

Amraphael said...

lots of thanks!