Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Take a look at this!

Okay I know there's a few returning NW2-community members reading this blog. This is not for you, because you already know what's going on on the upcomming modules front.
This is for you, the came-by-chance-reader.

I have a long list of modules that I'm waiting for. On this list I have chosen three modules accompanied by great blogs that you just have to visit.

In no particular order:
Misery Stone - Jcelf's very promising and awsome looking Ravenloft module, and he's got Bouncy Rock Entertainment with him.

Hythum - Enoa4 is back buildning a NWN2 version of his succesfull NWN1 module, with help from his friend, the talented area designer Darmok. You know what you get - Great fun, great adventure!

Dark Avenger chapter 2 -If you didn't play chapter 1, do it! And I can tell you that, chapter two will be even cooler. Read a bit i Wyrins blog and you soon agree.

When you have done so, here's some more great stuff that prove that the NWN2 community is growing strong and promise to deliver the same quality mods as the NWN1 one.

Have fun!


Jclef said...

I appreciate the plug, Amraphael!

As you know, I'm an avid reader of your blog and anxiously await the privilege of playing your Neverwinter ZORK creation!

Liso said...

Ditto to jclef's post. Even if we are regulars! And this post is not for us! We'll spam it up anyway :P

Wyrin said...

Thanks for the plug!!

Your ZORK conversion is looking like a real tour-de-force and is up on many's to-watch lists

Speaking of builder's blogs - can anyone else get onto Nalencer's recently? or is it just me?

Liso said...

Nalencer left modding :( I emailed him and asked him why his blog was down. He let me know he decided to move on and do things outside of his computer.

Amraphael said...

@Yes, I saw it today and removed the link. Sad.

Wyrin said...

Pity, he had some promising ideas.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Yes, too bad Nalencer quit! Thanks for including me in the list, Amraphael - I appreciate it!