Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I'm back!

anyone still out there? I feels like I've been gone for several months even if it just have been for a week. Compared to Sweden this time of year Egypt is a very warm place. When we came home yesterday the temperature in our house was down to 12C (53.5F). That's cold!
We had a great time at this very nice resort the warm wind from the Red Sea made it very comfortable even when the sun was at it's highest point.

The only bad thing was the Pharao's Curse over that I've included Ramses II's coffin and the Egyptian Scepter in the module. My stomach went insanely wild and the local doctor (a very nice guy) gave me two cocktails in each butt cheek driving the curse out. Then I got a mixed package of giant sized red and blue pills that I've to eat for a week.

Tomorrow it's back to work, and maybe I'll get some real work done on the module to. I think I have to begin with play testing to recall were the project stands.

I know this is mainly a ZORK module blog but I post a couple of images that I took.


Liso said...

Amazing pics! While you were soaking the sun up. I was enduring chilly weather and thunder storms! :D

Welcome back to the daily grind. hehe


Jclef said...

Welcome back, Ampraphael!

And thanks for the wonderful pictures! :)

Ernie Noa said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. The last one is rather exotic looking.

Amraphael said...

It was great there. The food was average but every thing else just astonishing. And I got a sun tan! The first ever I think :)

I sum up it with a direct translation of the Swedish saying "Away is fine but home is the best"

Indira Lightfoot said...

Oh no, this is all a hoax! That last picture reveals the truth, you come from a planet called tattoine in a galaxy far, far away and your blood is seething with metachlorines!

Seriously, welcome back Ampraphael/Nihlar! :)


Amraphael said...

Oh no, Indira LF, you have blown my cover! Now I have to find a new alias - or another planet.

Tattoine was my first thought too. The next thought was Antoni Gaudi.

Wyrin said...

Wow I'm jealous! I SO need a holiday right now!

Egypt is somewhere I've always wanted to go. But this year it's looking like Norway or Iceland - quite different!